Our Mission

A Short Story

We have a story to share, one which left an indelible mark on us and helped us form the vision that drives our company today.

One chilly December morning in 2010, we arrived at our office as usual. After preparing for a meeting, we returned to our work desks to begin another day.

At around 9:30 a.m., we received a call from a client. "In 21 years of my business experience, I've seen very few people go so far out of their way to deliver a project on time – and one which actually was not worth much for your company,” this client told us.

“Take this advice: keep putting in the same kind of effort and you will be surprised at how much your clients will love you. There is always a shortage of service providers and teams who genuinely work to deliver their part. You guys put in a genuine effort. Keep it up!"

Those words served as a eureka moment, and helped us form our mission statement:

"To achieve your dreams, you need a genuine team!"

In our years of operation, we have worked with dozens of team members vendors and service providers, and with hundreds of clients. One thing that we have realized is the importance of caring about what we do and about wanting to make a difference. Early on in our development as a company, we realized the importance of seeing our success in the success of our clients.

At Ismoip, our every effort is genuine. No client is too small, because we realize even a small project can yield big results, for both the client and our company. Referrals and word of mouth are the backbone of the company's success.

We still have clients working with us who were with us from the beginning. Many others have found us because someone recommended Ismoip as not just another digital agency, but as a trustworthy partner.

We will strive to contribute our share as part of your team in helping you achieve your dreams! We can't commit to be 100% right all the times as humans are bound to make mistakes. Our commitment always will be to drive the maximum value and bring all our collective experience to suggest and deliver the most optimal solutions.

Everything starts with a first step. Call us now or fill the simple contact form and get our team working for you.

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