Core Team

Ismoip's core team has successfully worked with 400+ clients, has 10+ years of industry experience and has been featured in leading publications like Techcrunch, Mashable and more.
Harman Bajwa at Ismoip

Harman Bajwa

Chief Strategist - Digital Strategy

Harman has 10 years of digital marketing experience. He has delivered projects, strategies and marketing services to companies with a collective revenue of $1.25 billion. A few of those projects include Burger King, UBC, Organo Gold, a TedX speaker and a finalist on the entrepreneurial TV show Dragons' Den.

Harman completed his MBA from the University of British Columbia with a dual major in Strategic Management and Finance. He loves reading and traveling.

Pooja Mehra

Creative Director

Pooja has over 6 years of experience in consumer behavior and emotion-driven design. She has led design projects and digital strategy for websites with over 1 million page-views.

She possesses a fine balance of out-of-the-box thinking, and delivering what users find extremely engaging.

Pooja completed her MBA from the University of British Columbia. Her interests and modules at UBC include Consumer Behavior, Consumer Engagement Driven Design, and Marketing and Business Strategy.

Pooja Mehra at Ismoip
Abdul Farooqi at Ismoip

Abdul Farooqi

Marketing Strategist

Abdul Farooqi is an upcoming and outspoken authority on digital marketing practices. A graduate of UBC's Sauder School of Business, and formerly an Investment Banker, Abdul pivoted his analytical and business smarts to help businesses jump-start their marketing.

With his educational approach and fresh perspective on digital marketing, he soon became a go to resource for over a hundred small businesses all across North America.

Although Abdul talks, walks and dreams business growth (whether he wants to or not), he loves to travel & sink his teeth into all sorts of different cuisine. So far he's experimented with escargot in Canada, barbequed squirrel in Brazil, cow tongue with feet in Middle East, stewed camel meat in Pakistan, and, lobster marinara in Cuba. The animals are happy that he's usually busy working.

Anja Stephan

Creative Web Designer

Anja leads Design & Development projects. Her Creative Design skills help her understand the client’s needs and delivers the design accordingly. She works closely with her team of Developers & Designers by providing her creative inputs into the process. As a former Art student from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Anja has always had a passion to be creative since early childhood. She graduated with honors from BCIT Web Technologies program and has worn many hats as a web developer & designer.

Anja Stephan at Ismoip
Naveed Hajee at Ismoip

Naveed Hajee

Digital Strategy Consultant

With over 10 years of digital industry experience under his belt, Naveed brings a focus on business development & strategic growth to Ismoip Digital.

Before joining Ismoip, Naveed was VP of Business Development at Snaptech.
Naveed has also worked for Invoke Media (Founder of Hootsuite), where he successfully expanded their client base to a global scale reaching the US, UK & Australia.

Naveed graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Economic Geography, studied architecture at BCIT and also completed the Canadian Securities Course.

When out of the office Naveed can be found playing beach volleyball in summer and snowboarding in Whistler in the winter, or exploring his passion for architecture.

Shawn Conner

Content Writer

Shawn Conner is a professional writer with over 15 years of experience. His credits include journalism and reporting from The Georgia Straight, Globe and Mail, and the Vancouver Sun. He also teaches New Media Journalism at Simon Fraser University. Shawn has also previously blogged for Inside Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver.

Shawn's ability to understand the target reader helps deliver content that resonates with his audience.

Shawn Conner at Ismoip
John Gray at Ismoip

John Gray

Content Writer

John has a strong technology, consumer internet and visual analytic experience. He enjoys exploring and contributing stories about the intersection of our human experience with technology. At Ismoip, John delivers engaging content for clients that drive brand awareness and places clients as thought leaders within their industry.

John has a B.Ap.Sc in Communications and a BA in English from Simon Fraser University.

Taylan Kay

Project Manager - Technical

Taylan has delivered projects which have been featured in industry leading websites like Mashable and TNW. His experience involves developing iPhone and Android Apps, Game Design and Web Development. He is talented at creating a parallel project business strategy with technical details, and translate fluently in between.

Taylan completed his MBA at the University of British Columbia in 2009.

Taylan Kay at Ismoip
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