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Our 3 targets for every new Plastic Surgeon Marketing Campaign

1. You should get New Patients contacting you from the 1st week of our Marketing Campaign itself.

As soon as you contact us, we will jump on the call to understand your practice. In 10 minutes itself we will know at what stage your practice is (new, fairly new, established, adding new surgeon or well established). You will instantly feel comfortable with us as we will talk your language. We know not only about regular procedures like Augmentation, TT, MM, Facelift etc but also about quick procedures like Buccal, Lip Lifts and more. In a matter of days we can start your marketing campaigns and drive results. We don’t need time to learn. Everything is ready, you just need to feel comfortable, say yes, and start seeing results.

2. Deliver and profitably scale your marketing campaigns to reach $1 million of New Revenue from our efforts in less than a year.

As soon as you start booking patients for procedures, we can discuss scaling your marketing campaigns. What’s the potential? Over the years we have figured out that just from Google Marketing (Ads and Plastic Surgery SEO ) and Social Media you can target $1 yearly Revenue for a population catchment area of 1. If your city (and it’s suburbs) have a population of 3 million, you can target a Revenue of $3 million. Additionally, fillers and non invasive procedures can Double this revenue. Once this is also achieved, by the time you will have a lot of referrals coming it too. Let’s get back to basics, it all starts with 1. Let’s work together to bring the 1st patient to your Plastic Surgery Practice and keep scaling profitably.

3. Build your brand as one of the best and not as one of the cheapest.

Would you like to get a patient who searches for “Best Plastic Surgeon” or would you like to get a patient who searches for “Cheap Plastic Surgeon” ? This is very important. Lot of times new practices try to compete on price only. Price sensitive clients can drive some revenue and keep the practice growing but that’s not why you started your Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Practice. We aim to build your brand to drive clients who value quality and are willing to pay for it. It takes the same amount of time to perform a procedure to a patient who pays $7,000 for it or $10,000 or to a patient who pays $14,000 for it. We will optimize your per surgery hour revenue yield.

1. Understand your practice, its immediate needs and long term vision.

New Practices immediately need new patients whereas established practices need certain types of patients to fill their unfilled surgery or non invasive booking slots.

Example 1: One of our existing Surgeon clients wants to now focus only on Face and hence wants to channelize marketing and branding efforts for Face related procedures.

Example 2: Last year a Plastic Surgeon approached us who just started his private practice. He was transitioning from doing Reconstructive Surgeries only to start getting more Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries. He preferred Mommy Makeover and Tummy Tucks and related procedures in the beginning as these helped him book his available surgery hours by closing just 10-15 patients in a month. But as his private practice grew, he realized the need to diversify and add a few quick procedures too because sometimes when you have rented the Operation Room for a day, you can fit in a couple of smaller procedures too along with 1-2 bigger procedures.

Example 3: We have another Plastic Surgeon who got 20 years of experience. ½ of his patients used to come from a particular well established multi disciplinary practice. He wanted to reduce his dependency on external practice but very well knew what he needed. For him requirement is to get high paying clients as he can showcase years of his before and afters and 100s of reviews. We asked him how many new patients he can handle. His answer was, “Infinite”. He knew a lot of Plastic Surgeons (young or experienced) and was thinking of himself adding a Surgeon to this Practice. So here our approach is to go big from Day 1. And we really went big. Month 1 itself saw the Surgeon getting 60+ Consultations that too paid ones with 75% surgery booking rate. His remarks were, “I missed on this for so many years, this is amazing”.

Therefore knowing at what stage you are in your practice, helps us deliver relevant results immediately. Whether your Plastic Surgery Practice is in Atlanta, Chicago, Newyork City, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, , Miami, Vancouver, Seattle or any other city, we will create customized marketing campaigns to drive desired results.

2. Crunch the numbers i.e how many potential procedures can be sold in your catchment area.

After understanding your practice, next we crunch the numbers to see what’s the potential. Desire needs to meet practicality. Every city is different and yet every city is the same. If you feel it's a philosophical dialogue, please continue reading to find the answer.

Example 1: Los Angeles is a mega city with 100s of Plastic Surgeons. Surgeons in Beverly Hills and the West Side catchment area often see a higher percentage of Rhinoplasty clients calling them. There are many reasons and primarily its Hollywood effect. Lot of celebs get their Rhinoplasties and this prompts 1000s of Newcomers to explore the procedure. This creates a sub market in itself. Every Surgeon is not a celeb Surgeon and every Surgeon need not be a Celeb Surgeon. We know many Surgeons who may have never operated on Celeb but still make multi Millions yearly. Our marketing campaigns for Plastic Surgeons in LA are built around considering these factors in mind. The Metro Los Angeles region has almost 8 million of population. We know the potential and can drive 100s of leads to your practice.

Example 2: Plastic Surgery Marketing in Houston is a bit different. Practices on the North side get more patients who ask for financing whereas practices on the South side or in the city of Houston get more self funding patients. We do understand this and create marketing campaigns accordingly. Both types of practices can scale profitably. It all boils down to your marketing agency and their expertise. It’s a Metro region with 5 million population. Big enough to grow to Multi Million $ practice.

Example 3: Let’s take an example of Vancouver, BC. It’s a city with a lot of money, expensive real estate and often called Hollywood North. Catchment area of the city is about 2.5 million. Median Price of a procedure is slightly on the higher side and we do get it. On top of it, it’s typical West Coast lifestyle where subtly of beachfront is preferred over jazzed up always on nightlife. Therefore in a city like Vancouver plastic surgery marketing campaigns need to have slightly different flavour. Profitability is not the issue, volume is what matters from day 1. And we deliver it through our marketing campaigns, plastic surgery SEO / search engine optimization campaigns and social media marketing.

If you are still reading, it means you are liking our work approach. How about sending us an enquiry and see what we can do for you?

3. Implement the marketing plan to immediately drive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Leads

Planning, discussion and behind the scene time is over. It’s time to jump into the water. And we jump in pretty soon. We are like those super active kids who go to a cliff and in no time jump into the river while other kids keep watching in awe. Why so? Because we have the experience and have done it many times. We set up your Cosmetic Procedures Plastic Surgery Lead Generation campaigns in a matter of a few days. Literally the speed is what matters to us.

We start with low hanging fruits and deliver new patient calls and leads pretty soon. Read how we delivered the 1st Plastic Surgery Patient on Day 1 of our marketing campaign itself.

Initially we target people who are actively looking for a Plastic Surgeon. Most of these people have done their extensive online readings. We call it a reading and not a research. Due to some reason we feel, research is an overused term. Marketing Campaign will highlight the best of you and will talk in the patient's language. We go very granular while setting up the campaigns. Contact us and ask us how granular we go? Or if you prefer to eat the apples, then let us count the trees and you enjoy the fruits.

4. Get ready to profitably scale your Cosmetic Surgery Business.

In month 1 of the new marketing campaign in all likelihood you get surgeries booked. Campaign will be profitable at the end of month 1 itself and sometimes much sooner, depending upon the competition. You don’t need to take our word, see for yourself. As soon as you feel satisfied, we can discuss scaling your marketing campaign. We can add more procedures, target more online channels and scale to get more leads from your preferred procedures. Scalability is about growing the leads from patients who are almost ready to sign up for a procedure and also keep building a future pipeline of patients who at some point in next few months will positively decide to get the procedure done. Additionally we can start marketing for non invasive procedures too. These procedures can be done in the office itself and add a significant boost to revenue. Lot of non invasive or filler patients at some point end up signing for surgical procedures as well.

We have helped Plastic Surgeon’s scale their Cosmetic/Aesthetic procedure practice upto 10x income. See our results section for featured plastic surgeon case studies.

5. Alongside build the brand to showcase your quality

Plastic Surgery Marketing delivers growth, revenue and consistent scalability. To increase the profitability over time, you will need to build the brand. Overtime, keep enhancing your brand value. We do it by designing a website which has all the elements of plastic surgery web design, and showcase some of your best before and after pictures. It’s not about quantity, it's about quality. No one is going to see 500 before and after pictures. We often see better results with limited number of before and after pictures but those are of high quality and clearly show the quality of your work.

Keep building your reviews. We keep track of your online reviews. We try to read each and every review. Client’s words are the mirror of one's brand. We often pick words from client’s reviews and build the brand and campaigns around them. Results of this approach are really amazing. Surgeons with an average of 4.6 star reviews get 30% more conversions compared to Surgeon with 4.0 star review. Therefore we work with you to build a holistic brand for your practice.

6. Interact with your team to optimize the new patient opportunities.

In a lot of practices we see that certain Patient Coordinators need some minor tweaks in their phone call interactions. Most of the Patient Coordinators are pretty good at their job.

Example: When a new patient asks, what’s the recovery time. Answer 1: It takes 6 weeks to recover. You should not lift any weights, be careful, don’t go on trips out of the city etc. Answer 2: Recovery is pretty quick. Within 5-6 weeks itself you will be able to lift weights, go on trips out of the city etc. Meanwhile we do offer post op checkup and you can track your recovery. Do you notice a difference? Both answers say 6 weeks but the 2nd answer uses positive words. These kinds of small tweaks can be a difference in getting 10-15% more patients from the same number of new patient leads. If you want, we can work with your team to collectively get more value from the marketing efforts.

7. Celebrate and keep growing together

Last part but not the least. No matter in which city you are. Once your Plastic Surgery Marketing campaigns are profitable, scaled to a significant level or if you like even before it, we will visit your city. We work as a team. Meeting in person and celebrating success always helps to share the vision and drive desired growth.

Let’s begin the journey. Contact us now and see the difference we can create in your Plastic Surgery Practice’s growth and marketing.

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