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Search Engine Optimization, SEO for a Plastic Surgeon can be worth Millions of $s. Literally. See the example below:

In a city like Seattle, every month almost 18,000 searches happen on Google for Plastic Surgeon and related keywords.

10 Most Profitable Plastic Surgery SEO Search Categories for Invasive Procedures are: Plastic Surgeon Near me, Best Plastic Surgeon, Breast Augmentation Surgery, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty, Mommy Makeovers, Gynecomastia Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Facelift/Neck Lift, Tummy Tuck with BBL.

Out of these categories if you are Ranked on Page 1 of Google for 5 of 10 categories with 2 keywords each (example: breast lift before and after) an average Rank of 5, you can expect approx. 2,000 relevant clicks to your website. Some clicks will be from people who are very serious about finding a Plastic Surgeon and some clicks are from people who are at an early stage of their research. You can expect 90-100 leads from above results. At 50:50:50 i.e 50% of leads are serious, 50% of those book a consultation and 50% bookings sign up for a procedure, your expected monthly revenue can be $120,000+ i.e $1.5 million per year. No kidding. It is possible.

Our Plastic Surgeon clients generate 100s of new patient leads from their Google SEO.

Our approach to your Plastic Surgery SEO or Cosmetic Procedure SEO is:

  • Build a detailed strategy
  • Optimize the content and keep building
  • Run a concurrent Google Ads and other quick result marketing campaigns
  • Optimize the conversion funnel.
  • Measure and grow.

Plastic Surgery SEO Explained:

SEO needs optimized content. Your website visitors should feel satisfied with the content you provide on your website. Using your content effectively across the internet is content marketing.

SEO and Content Marketing for Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Practice goes hand in hand.

Let’s start with a simple definition.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to get the website Ranked higher on search results to get more relevant traffic. Content Marketing is publishing high quality content on the website and on other websites and online mediums. This content links to the main website thus helping in brand building and also in SEO.

SEO for Plastic Surgeon and Content Marketing for Cosmetic Procedures are related. How?

SEO and content marketing overlap a lot:

Here is the incorrect view of SEO & Content Marketing. This is wrong:-

Here is the right way to view SEO & Content Marketing:-

They overlap.

Comparing SEO & Content Marketing:

SEO is very focused and technical.

Content Marketing is broad and more holistic.

SEO needs content marketing & content marketing should be done by using proper SEO techniques.

How we do SEO and Content Marketing:-

Think of it this way. SEO states the requirements. Content marketing fulfills them.

Step 1: Plastic Surgery SEO Strategy and plan

SEO is, “Your patient will be searching for Plastic Surgeon for Tummy Tuck in City Name”

Content Marketing is, “Writing very relevant and detailed content with clear call to actions”.

SEO is about keywords. Content Marketing uses keywords by keeping the prospective client in mind. Patients should feel satisfied with the content you provide.

Another example is, “Facelift Surgery Before and After”

Person searching for before and After pictures is not yet possibly ready for the procedure but is getting very serious about it. Your website should provide before and after pictures but also suggest to “send you an enquiry” as the patient may not be yet ready for the consultation.

Step 2: Plastic Surgeon relevant keyword research and tracking

We have a list of 100s of Plastic Surgeon keywords. We consistently track the relevant keywords. People search using 100s of different keywords. We will create a plan to use these keywords into your content.

Example of keywords: Let’s take a Tummy Tuck example.

There are many keywords in this category. Our Plastic Surgeon clients have received new patients from keywords like: tummy tuck “city name”, tummy tuck surgery, best tummy tummy surgeon, affordable tummy tuck, tummy tuck for under $8000, tummy tuck doctor with best outcomes and 100s of other variations.

Yes you read it correctly. Some like to search using broad keywords and some go very specific. We see what your positioning is and seo those keywords. If you charge above average to premier pricing, we place you to be the best. But if you provide good service at affordable rates, we place you as a good surgeon with value pricing. Understanding the market is important. If you are relatively new Surgeon, you won’t have lot of reviews like other established surgeons, you won’t have a brand yet, hence your seo will target keywords to get instant leads from 100s of long tail keywords and as you start getting tons of leads, we will keep pushing your brand up and higher.

Step 3: Link Building, Plastic Surgery Blog and Social Media Promotions

SEO demands links to your website from around the internet. Good and useful content helps get these links to your plastic surgery practice website, to your blog and your other internet properties.

Best way to get links is to publish great content and let people link to it naturally. It's the only way to long term seo success. We have done it multiple times as part of our Cosmetic Surgery SEO and can do it for you too.

Step 4: On site technical Optimization

SEO demands constant optimization of your website. SEO is about optimizing robot.txt, enhancing meta tags, utilizing proper tags and constructing strategic site maps. Every month if a new content goes on site or blog, it needs to be optimized with proper meta tags etc.

Step 5: Plastic Surgeon Content Writing

Google likes fresh content and more importantly your patients will like it too. Our team will consistently produce high quality content for your website and blog. We can manage your social media, your Google Business listing and online Surgeon Profiles. Fresh and relevant content will be updated on these channels.

What matters the most is: Results. Do people contact you from the website? Will you see increase in new patient enquires. Answer should be: yes. Best SEO goes hand in hand with other online marketing strategies. We will ensure your vision and targets are achieved.

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Requirement for SEO & Content Marketing
Ismoip Approach

SEO Strategy & Plan

SEO plan will be created. Usually it’s done on a quarterly basis.

Keyword research and allocation

New keywords will be researched consistently and they will be allocated to content – onsite or offsite
Link Building and Promotions

Various websites/blogs will be approached – some will provide link based on content, some will need promotions, some sponsorships and so forth

On-site content Optimization

Meta tags, keyword allocation etc. will be done on monthly basis
Content Writing

Good high quality content will be written and distributed every month
Reporting and analysis

Monthly activity and performance report will be provided
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