Improve Your ROI

We can improve your ROI in three ways. 1. By bringing more prospects through the door in a cost-effective manner. 2. By converting more prospects to customers. 3. By keeping current customers.
You have the data of hundreds or even thousands of your customers. We have the ability to make sense of that data and ensure it works to improve your ROI. How? Read on!

Optimization & Targeting

We apply leading analytics tools like Crazyegg and Google Analytics to understand traffic behaviour on your website. In addition, we profile and test how your customers are responding to your ads, content or any other online campaign. The resulting insights let us optimize your marketing campaign by targeting high-impact channels where your potential customers can be found.

Consumer Insights

Know your customer. If you can define 80% of your customers in 20-25 words, it means you optimally use consumer insights and data.
Profile the decision makers in your potential client’s companies. Ismoip identifies defines its ideal decision makers as someone in the age group of 30-55 who is part of a senior management/marketing team in a 10-500-employee company. He or she is active on LinkedIn, believes in data-driven marketing and is open to new ideas.
We came to this conclusion by researching our data, talking to our most satisfied customers and analysing our high impact projects. Now that we know who are customer is, we have been able to form a profitable digital marketing plan to reach other clients. Let's connect so we can do the same for you.

Data Analysis

Data, big data and more data. Don’t get distracted by all the data talk going around you. Eighty percent of your marketing decisions can be addressed with simple data analysis techniques. Ismoip uses the most trusted tools and methods to find the right answers for your business challenges.


Helping clients allocate their budget by prioritizing with low hanging fruit options is our speciality. We use the monetization model to put value on each customer action and map it back to revenue. This financial model keeps campaigns in check and monetization at the forefront. Want to see how it will be done for you? Connect with us to learn more.
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