Ways to Improve Your ‘About Us’ Page

Written by Amit pankaj
on November 26, 2012

SEO VancouverWith global e-commerce sales expected to cross over $1.25 trillion, with number of
internet users set to arrive at mindboggling figures of 3.5 billion in the first weeks of 2013, it is time to brush up your web site and bring about positive improvements to your “About Us” page.

Resting comfortably on the top or amidst the most visited places on the website, this very important page serves as a window to the ideology, philosophy and customer service of your business organization.

Irrespective of whether you run a multinational establishment or are about to create news through a newly launched startup or bootstrap company, your prospective clients, consumers, vendors, shareholders, creditors and all other stakeholders would want a genuine insight into your abilities and functional attributes, and most importantly as too why their search should stop with you.

In this respect, this page demands a lot of attention and connects with your prospective consumer needs and requirements. Give below are few simple ways to help visitors gain the maximum information and assistance from your “About Us” page.

Giving Customer Needs Maximum Priority

It’s all about providing solutions and benefits in the easiest and most compact form to your potential customers. Brief and direct information about your real capabilities and existence in the virtual world of e-commerce along with all specific details in regards to outsourcing product fulfillment, delivery and quality service, certainly  adds more value to the page, than frilly statements about ‘who you are’ or ‘what you do’.

The oft quoted approach of stepping into the customers shoes to understand their thoughts, requirements and expectations, works wonders in revamping this page in more ways than one.

Cutting out the Fluff and being Innovative and Original

There are no points for guessing that customers are finely attuned to eliminate the fluff and the bluff when they see it. Whether it is superlative content or rosy jargons, it is safe to stay away from templates and cookie cutter pages. Additionally,  try not to jazz words up with stock pictures or borrowed images. Similarity has long given way to innovativeness and techniques which help churn out creative and unique designs and layouts. Try to think out-of-the-box and provide viewers some original food for thought.
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Keyword Optimization

With keywords and search engine optimization skills playing a big role in directing traffic to the “About Us” page, it is also important to restore it with all the elements which helps attract more and more business and revenue.

Lastly, the work does not stop here. You have to keep on adding your awards and accolades, updating information regarding new locations, markets and products and providing all relevant facts, accomplishments and figures. Your “About Us” should emphasize the 5W’s –What, When, Who, Why and Where, for helping consumers dig deeper into your website and go ahead with their transactions then and there.

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