The No. 1 Marketing mistake which hits your Bottom Line

Written by Amit pankaj
on December 13, 2012

No. 1 Marketing
Marketing Strategy VancouverQuick, logical and action oriented decisions taken by CEOs in regards to finding solutions for failing marketing techniques, often fall flat on their faces. This is because they end up being directed towards areas which have a low probability of results rather than dealing with the real problem on hand.

The competitive decision mode of CEOs inspires them to increase the resources and frequency dedicated to marketing tasks rather than finding and correcting loopholes in the existing ones. This certainly puts the business and the heads behind it, in a disadvantageous position when dealing with customers.

The rudimentary requirements and needs of contemporary consumers, which include features and benefits connected with the marketed product or service, far surpasses their psychological needs which encompass identity, affiliation and aspiration. For best results, companies and small business houses should understand and include the competitive thinking patterns and point of view of consumers and integrate the same in their business modules and marketing strategies.

The behavioral patterns of the consumers, both on the conscious and sub conscious levels, are oft avoided by the marketing ideas and strategies undertaken by small and medium business owners and their think tanks. The incline towards finding quantitative rather than qualitative solutions for their marketing issues, lunges them in the depths of metric lust, spreadsheet based opinions and numerical conclusions. Its time they understood that mere dependence on likes, hits, followers, impressions and clicks should give way to connections, emotions, inspirations and affiliations connected with the human side of marketing strategies. This will encourage and attract higher traffic and fruitful conversions.

Marketing SuccessThe trick is simple. CEOs just need to initiate mending jobs on the existing marketing techniques and create more engaging and compelling experiences which manage to net consumers and touch their feelings in the right way.

Analysis and re-engineering of the frustrating and exciting pointers in marketing techniques, from the view point of consumers, is bound to go a long way in creating an emotional bondage. This in turn promises higher returns and profits in comparison to market techniques which rely on regularly quoted corporate values and generic mission statements.

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