Inspire to Inspire your Customers

Written by Harman Bajwa
on October 29, 2017

With over a million websites operating today, what makes your website different? How do you stand out amongst your competitors?

The technique is to inspire and connect with your users.

At Ismoip, we believe that creativity and innovation is the key to bridge that connect.

Simon Sinek, a renowned leadership expert in one of his sessions said, “All great and inspiring leaders and organizations – whether it is Apple or King Martin Luther or Wright brothers – all think, communicate and act the same way. And it’s the complete opposite to everyone else.”


For instance, Apple believes in challenging the status quo by making products that are beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. But they also inspire us with their passion to roll out with the most innovative products for their customers; Of course they happen to make great computers as well, but their ability to inspire others through their products is what distinguishes them from the rest.

In a similar fashion to attract and retain your customers’ attention on your website, you need to inspire them with an interesting landing page. A complete idea or amalgamation of multiple elements of the site, each has a distinct identity and function that can impact on how your visitor relates to you.

Attractive Headers

Attractive headers are the first thing that comes to your visitors notice. A unique choice of artistic and creative headers will not only capture visitor’s attention but will also impact what you’re trying to achieve. The focus here is not on call-to-action features, rather the motive is to intrigue the visitors and get them to read further. In addition, interactive features such as Carousels can help offer more information in a slide show format on the website.

Highlighting Relevant Sections

Highlighting relevant sections of your services or products on the homepage is another way to entice your visitors. With use of strong colors, call-out boxes, illustrated characters and portfolio screenshots, infographics, all that can talk to your customers.

Social Media Integration

With the exponential growth of users on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on, more and more organizations prefer to have social media connectivity integrated on their websites. Designing websites that help visitors connect easily with the organization’s social media initiatives also gives them the power to promote your organization using social media to the outside world.

People like to do business with those who can connect and understand their audience and at Ismoip, we deliver your beliefs through design. So it’s not actually just the website design, we also believe in helping our customers define their approach and offerings in a way that it not only highlights the purpose, belief and cause of the organization, but also rather why the organization exists and what makes it unique.

Simon Sinek in his best seller book “Start With Why” said, “People don’t buy what you do; people buy WHY you do it.” And we can help you identify, understand and execute the WHY element in your product.

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