Great Ways of Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page

Written by Amit pankaj
on December 13, 2012

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“Likes” and increasing numbers of URL links, are not the only factors which promise higher optimization of your Facebook Fan Page. Contemporary social marketing looks much ahead, beyond signing and pasting your business page and keeping it updated and fresh in every possible manner.

Read on for some proven ways of adding business value and optimizing your brand on this most visited networking forum.

Creation of an effective Business Profile

Fb LikeAlong with your business logo, contact details, recent pictures, an effective mission statement and clear narration about what perspective clients can achieve by associating with you, a careful revelation of the inherent strengths and competitive key points, has to be made in the business profile to make it catchy and informative.

Posting Attractive Name and Content

A good and attractive name for your brand goes a long way in meaningful and result oriented optimization of your Face book page. Usage of non-generic keywords and content that is not spammy also increases the probability of visitors and fans engaging with your page, posting comments and updates, giving priority to your fan page on their news feeds and sharing the same with their friends.

Facebook Business Initiating and Involving Visitors in Discussions

Informative and helpful discussions on topics directly related with your business, products and services, makes visitors “Like” and keep coming back to your business page. Encouraging participation and asking visitors to leave behind their business signature is a great way of adding value to your fan page.

Linking with your Blog and Website URL

Contrary to popular belief, your Facebook Fan Page is not really benefitted by simple linking to your blog. To make sure that blog contents showcase themselves on Facebook in the correct way, it is important to use networked blogs which reflect in both the places and optimize the latter for better success and exposure. Matching of updates with words used in articles and connected blogs, helps in effective indexing and increasing accessibility options for visitors.

Using Facebook Notes

The appropriate usage of the often under-utilized Facebook Notes, poses as a great way of increasing the overall SEO Vancouver of your business page. It provides the ability to develop and post multiple pages which get embedded in the main fan page and increases the indexing options in search engines.

The tips above, aid in generating higher engagement levels rather than merely contributing to an increase in traffic statistics and certainly boost the overall SERP rankings for your business page.

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