Google’s Next Spin: An Over-Optimization Penalty for too much SEO

Written by Amit pankaj
on October 11, 2012

This is another signal that is hard to ignore. And for Search technologists, it comes as a penalty for tricking people into something that is not. In its latest announcement by Google’s Matt Cutts, he informs that Google is working to introduce a search ranking penalty in the coming months for sites that are ‘overly-optimized’ or ‘overly SEO-ed’.

SEO VancouverMatt Cutts adds that the purpose of this is to “level the playing field” and to give genuine sites, having better content a greater chance to gain visibility, and ranking over sites that have ‘not so great content’, but do a better job with SEO.

So what does this mean for Website Owners??

  1. The Google Bot is getting a lot smarter and  is gonna soon weed out sites which throw too many keywords on the page, or for example exchange way too many links, or in short do not follow Google’s webmasters rules that have been laid out for them.
  1. Richer Content should definitely be on your Agenda: Time and again Google has stressed on the importance of having rich content for better ranking. Fresh, informative and original content is your ticket to better rankings, increased traffic and long-term online relevancy. By adding relevant content to your online presence, you’ll create a rich internet landing platform and also get noticed by search engines and visitors.
  1. Revamp your system: Ethical SEO practices don’t have to be a mystery. If you want to enhance positioning of your online business, your site would need good, clean and relevant content, quality links from popular websites, and targeted keywords which are judiciously used. If you are ‘over-SEOed’ in any way, get time is to get your site revamped.

For all we know, SEOs do face the same challenge as faced by brand managers. “Doing the right thing” does require the client and the webmaster to adopt a long-term perspective. And that’s what Google is set out to achieve.

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