17*24? Ask this from your Website’s Visitor & You have Cooked A Recipe to Lose a Customer.

Written by Pooja Mehra
on February 13, 2018

Ask this from your website’s visitor & you have cooked a recipe to lose a customer.
Confused. Read below.

Think about answering 17*24.

No matter how good you are in math, still you will feel some mental strain while thinking about the answer. Unless there is a clearly declared incentive for you to answer this, you will ignore to do this simple math.

Amount of strain that your mind felt just now while answering 17*24, is the maximum amount of mental strain that your website’s visitor is willing to suffer to find & read an information on your website.

That’s why, most Consumer Behavior experts say, keep it simple. But then question is, How Simple?

Now try not to answer: 2 + 2.

What I said, try not to answer. But the answer to this question is so simple and you have done it so many times, no matter how hard you control your brain, you can’t resist answering it in your mind.

As per Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate’s research on how humans take decisions, this is how simple your website or ad copy should be. Make it so simple for the target market that it becomes hard not to engage with it.

This is why, good marketers do lot of research on your target market to create your customer’s profiles. If you speak in your customer’s language, they won’t be able to resist and will engage with your brand & hence your brand awareness increases.

For Accountant, day to day accounting terms is 2+2 & “Strategic Marketing Objectives” is 24*17.
For Lawyers, term “new case files” term is 2+2 & “Inbound Marketing” is 17*24.
For Contractors, “new job lead” is 2+2 & “Google Adwords phrase campaign” is 17*24.
For Sales Person, “hot leads” is 2+2. & so forth…

Talk to your potential customers in their 2+2 language and not in 17*24 language.

Oh, by the way, we will give you a closure. 17*24 is 408.

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