1,000+ leads worth $1.2 million in value for Insurance Broker

Written by Harman Bajwa
on February 5, 2018

1,000+ leads worth $1.2 million in value for Insurance Broker & on road to achieve target of 10,000 leads much faster than original timelines.

We are sharing 5 valuable insights from this digital marketing success.

Read time for this post: approx. 4 mins.

Why are we sharing this success story?

It was one of our online meeting with Google’s Agency Representative that prompted us to share this success story.

In Google’s Agency Representative’s own words:

Your campaign account is very well done. Your conversions are really good. I don’t think I can give any tips on this campaign”. No doubt this statement made us feel good once again like many times before.

Having worked with more than 500 clients we know that marketing agency’s growth is all about trust and results. If we keep producing results, our clients will scale their budgets and hence we don’t need to worry about sharing our strategies in open.

If you can benefit from our strategies, that will make us happy.

Here is a bit of background on our client.

One Plus Insurance is an Insurance Brokerage by brokers with 30+ years of experience. All these years they never proactively tried to grow their business with active online marketing. Thanks to our Business Development Manager, we convinced them to do a small trial campaign and hence One Plus Insurance was born. Results didn’t only beat client’s expectations but they surpassed our internal expectations too.

In Numbers:

  • 31% conversion rate.
  • 1,000+ genuine and hot leads already in the bag.
  • After success of Home Insurance campaign, we launched Commercial insurance campaign, which is also off to a mouth watering start.
  • Client seeing the results, is now investing to scale his online systems & take the campaign to whole new level. From 1 province, we are now seriously discussing nationwide strategy with goal of generating 10,000 ready to buy leads in given time frame & keep going further.

Now let’s get into what we believe led to this success. These points can help you in your own marketing efforts too.

1. It all starts from what value you can offer to your customers.

We analyzed One Plus’s offerings and figured out
a) They have very competitive insurance rates for certain types of homeowners. Almost every 3rd Insurance quote they do is much below what customer was paying previously. b) They provide personalized service. i.e Customers get their own Insurance Support Manager & whenever they call the customer service, they will be connected to their dedicated Insurance Support Manager.

In the world of machines, this personalized human touch and familiarity is gold from customer service perspective. We built our campaigns around these values.

Every company has its strengths and limitations. Find your strengths and weaknesses with proper SWOT analysis and then build the campaign around your strengths.


2. Big brands are elephants, they will be super slow to adapt to change.

Don’t be scared to compete with big brands.
One Plus Insurance’s competitors who spend Millions of Dollars on online ad campaigns are large multi billion dollar corporations. Royal Bank of Canada, TD Insurance, BCAA are the ones we were going to compete with. We looked at their landing pages & how their campaigns were structured. Hardly anything to worry about. We get lots of leads from people who previously had Home Insurance with these brands and conversion rate in fact is 34% for such leads.

People may know large brands but they are not married to them for life. While they are negotiating their insurance, if they find better offer, they will take it. So we made sure that our campaign reaches out to insurance customers of large brands. We reached and we won.


3. Target the right audience but don’t get carried away.

When campaign budgets are much smaller compared to competitors, you need to target the right audience: Low hanging fruits.
But in doing so, don’t squeeze yourself to such a small niche that your economies of scale benefits goes out of the window.

We targeted the niche, defined the most relevant audience but still pushed our boundaries to open up the unlocked potential. We structured campaign on 80:20 rule. 80% of budget is spent on very specific target market where we are certain to generate high conversion leads & 20% budget is spent in slightly untested waters. This is how campaign expansion happened from Home to Commercial Insurance. We are generating leads not only from Google but also from Facebook & display network.

Push your comfort zones and don’t limit to just 1 channel of marketing.


4. Don’t reinvent the wheel when its rolling well.

From day 1, we told One Plus Insurance exactly what we should be doing on their website’s landing pages and how we should project their value prepositions. Our team has collective experience of 8,000+ hours.
Last year itself we generated more than 150,000 hot leads for our clients ranging from lawyers, chimney repair experts, medical professionals, lawyers, b2b companies, fashion, consulting, loans and what not. So we understand how the psychology of online service buyer works. What type of content works best and what should be your call to actions. Client agreed to our recommendations. Results are there to see. If we would have reinvented the wheel and would have tried to do something fancy, end results may not have been so good.

If you are convinced with your strategies, be bold enough to convince your client. Take the responsibility.


5. Work with a client who gets the point about long term vision.

Marketing is first physcology of understanding consumer behaviour and then tactics. This is how we work. So if we get a new client who may be right but is thinking too short term, its better to say no. No point in working only to make few quick bucks. Work on projects where clients share your vision and both sides work together passionately to generate long term value. For us, marketing campaigns are not just work and money is by product of our efforts which anyways will come. We make sure that we enjoy working and so does our client. That’s where the magic happens.

Takeaway (last but not the least):
Magic in marketing happens when agency and client work together with a vision.

There were many more details we wanted to share but post was getting too long. Hence we will conclude for now but will be back with another experience-sharing story.

Hope we triggered some thoughts in your mind. Do not hesitate to share in comments below.

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