Great Ways of Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page

Written by Amit pankaj
on December 13, 2012

SEO For FacebookSEO Tips
“Likes” and increasing numbers of URL links, are not the only factors which promise higher optimization of your Facebook Fan Page. Contemporary social marketing looks much ahead, beyond signing and pasting your business page and keeping it updated and fresh in every possible manner.

Read on for some proven ways of adding business value and optimizing your brand on this most visited networking forum.

Creation of an effective Business Profile

Fb LikeAlong with your business logo, contact details, recent pictures, an effective mission statement and clear narration about what perspective clients can achieve by associating with you, a careful revelation of the inherent strengths and competitive key points, has to be made in the business profile to make it catchy and informative.

Posting Attractive Name and Content

A good and attractive name for your brand goes a long way in meaningful and result oriented optimization of your Face book page. Usage of non-generic keywords and content that is not spammy also increases the probability of visitors and fans engaging with your page, posting comments and updates, giving priority to your fan page on their news feeds and sharing the same with their friends.

Facebook Business Initiating and Involving Visitors in Discussions

Informative and helpful discussions on topics directly related with your business, products and services, makes visitors “Like” and keep coming back to your business page. Encouraging participation and asking visitors to leave behind their business signature is a great way of adding value to your fan page.

Linking with your Blog and Website URL

Contrary to popular belief, your Facebook Fan Page is not really benefitted by simple linking to your blog. To make sure that blog contents showcase themselves on Facebook in the correct way, it is important to use networked blogs which reflect in both the places and optimize the latter for better success and exposure. Matching of updates with words used in articles and connected blogs, helps in effective indexing and increasing accessibility options for visitors.

Using Facebook Notes

The appropriate usage of the often under-utilized Facebook Notes, poses as a great way of increasing the overall SEO Vancouver of your business page. It provides the ability to develop and post multiple pages which get embedded in the main fan page and increases the indexing options in search engines.

The tips above, aid in generating higher engagement levels rather than merely contributing to an increase in traffic statistics and certainly boost the overall SERP rankings for your business page.

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Four Marketing Tips for your Small Business

Written by Amit pankaj
on December 4, 2012

In her recently published book, “183 Essential Tips that will Transform your small Business”, author and 6 years host on MSNBC’s show, J.J. Ramberg, throws some unique insights on small companies and how entrepreneurs have to deal with a bunch of jobs which have nothing in common to why they started their business in the first place.

In the contemporary world dominated with social networks and emailers, entrepreneurs really find a lot on their plate and very little time to waste. Following are some simple and effective marketing tips which can be put to use by small business owners right away, for better bottom line figures and higher revenue generation:

Match Target Demographic while hiring Staff:
The advantages of matching the skill sets of hired hands with the demographic of business targets cannot be undermined in any manner. Apart from getting a completely focussed guerrilla marketing team which matches the requirements of budgeting and cost reduction; small businesses also get direct inroads into target groups, communities and households of perspective consumers. These temporary, unskilled and hardworking staff belonging to the target demographics, aid in achieving free word of mouth publicity and act as human brochures for the business.

Self Marketing leads to Marketing Your Company:
The correct self projection of the business owner through timely, appealing and relevant topics, provides consumers with an insight into the expertise and specialities of the business and goes a long way in providing the correct marketing platform. Videos, panel discussions, solo speeches, write-ups and self generated reviews presented in an objective but abstract manner, establish the authority of the proprietor and attract the attention of buyers and other stakeholders.

Establishing the Right Connection
Successful marketing is all about establishing the right connections and touching the right chords of the perspective cliental. One of the surest ways of catching the attention of the target in an overly saturated environment, is by building a slick, short and impressive personal narrative which outlines the solutions and benefits provided by the product. The right impact can be created by letting consumers know about what inspired the entrepreneur to start off the business and the difference they intend to make in others lives.

Splitting and Sharing the Marketing Costs:
The co-advertising funds of distributors and wholesalers can be coupled with your marketing budgetary allotments to purchase ad space. Be it outdoor advertising or marketing through media or publications, it makes good business sense to outsource some figures under the head “Advertising and Marketing Costs”.

As mentioned earlier, the needs and requirements of small business are a plenty and every little marketing tip helps owners of start-ups and small business establishments to move a step closer to their designated goals.

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Ways to Improve Your ‘About Us’ Page

Written by Amit pankaj
on November 26, 2012

SEO VancouverWith global e-commerce sales expected to cross over $1.25 trillion, with number of
internet users set to arrive at mindboggling figures of 3.5 billion in the first weeks of 2013, it is time to brush up your web site and bring about positive improvements to your “About Us” page.

Resting comfortably on the top or amidst the most visited places on the website, this very important page serves as a window to the ideology, philosophy and customer service of your business organization.

Irrespective of whether you run a multinational establishment or are about to create news through a newly launched startup or bootstrap company, your prospective clients, consumers, vendors, shareholders, creditors and all other stakeholders would want a genuine insight into your abilities and functional attributes, and most importantly as too why their search should stop with you.

In this respect, this page demands a lot of attention and connects with your prospective consumer needs and requirements. Give below are few simple ways to help visitors gain the maximum information and assistance from your “About Us” page.

Giving Customer Needs Maximum Priority

It’s all about providing solutions and benefits in the easiest and most compact form to your potential customers. Brief and direct information about your real capabilities and existence in the virtual world of e-commerce along with all specific details in regards to outsourcing product fulfillment, delivery and quality service, certainly  adds more value to the page, than frilly statements about ‘who you are’ or ‘what you do’.

The oft quoted approach of stepping into the customers shoes to understand their thoughts, requirements and expectations, works wonders in revamping this page in more ways than one.

Cutting out the Fluff and being Innovative and Original

There are no points for guessing that customers are finely attuned to eliminate the fluff and the bluff when they see it. Whether it is superlative content or rosy jargons, it is safe to stay away from templates and cookie cutter pages. Additionally,  try not to jazz words up with stock pictures or borrowed images. Similarity has long given way to innovativeness and techniques which help churn out creative and unique designs and layouts. Try to think out-of-the-box and provide viewers some original food for thought.
Vancouver SEO
Keyword Optimization

With keywords and search engine optimization skills playing a big role in directing traffic to the “About Us” page, it is also important to restore it with all the elements which helps attract more and more business and revenue.

Lastly, the work does not stop here. You have to keep on adding your awards and accolades, updating information regarding new locations, markets and products and providing all relevant facts, accomplishments and figures. Your “About Us” should emphasize the 5W’s –What, When, Who, Why and Where, for helping consumers dig deeper into your website and go ahead with their transactions then and there.

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YP: Grumble of Stomach Remains on Top of our Mind YP and Search :)

Written by Amit pankaj
on October 17, 2012

YP — launched in May 12 is North America’s largest local search, media and advertising company. Formerly AT&T Interactive and AT&T, the two companies were bought together with the singular mission of developing innovative solutions to connect consumers and businesses. Millions of searches occur daily using YP to find products or to  compare and select local merchants. The company’s flagship consumer brands include the site, a top 40 U.S. Web domain, the highly rated YPSM app and YP Real Yellow Pages directories, the largest Yellow Pages directory in the world by revenue.

So when such a large company presents its Q2 report, naturally the world takes notice.

The YP Local Insights report focused on uncovering trends across the rapidly evolving online and mobile data of the digital local advertising ecosystem is based on data from 563 million searched and nearly 11 billion impressions in Q1 2012 across the YP Local Ad Network’s 300+ online, mobile, IPTV and directory assistance publishers.

Firstly let’s come across at the magnitude of numbers we’re looking at —

The YP report reveals the top local search categories), as well as the top growth categories (Q1 2012 vs. Q4 2011). Again Food is on top of everyone’s mind 🙂

Ahaa … and following directly on the heels of the Holiday engagement season, couples got a head start on planning for their big day in Q1. Busy lives and no time, couples are caught up all day trying to find those perfect wedding supplies through their mobiles 🙂 . Also the Online growth category is dominated by presumably those frenzied and to-be 🙂 mommies, who want all answers catering to child-rearing, pregnancy and family services

Top Category Searches by OS across top YP app platforms were actually very similar. Food again, was the top search category on all these platforms.

In terms of Advertiser spending, the categories were slightly different. While there’s a general correspondence between consumer query volumes (above) and top advertiser categories, they don’t line up directly.

Finally, the most active mobile search cities in Q1 2012 (in terms of queries per capita) were the following:

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Google’s Next Spin: An Over-Optimization Penalty for too much SEO

Written by Amit pankaj
on October 11, 2012

This is another signal that is hard to ignore. And for Search technologists, it comes as a penalty for tricking people into something that is not. In its latest announcement by Google’s Matt Cutts, he informs that Google is working to introduce a search ranking penalty in the coming months for sites that are ‘overly-optimized’ or ‘overly SEO-ed’.

SEO VancouverMatt Cutts adds that the purpose of this is to “level the playing field” and to give genuine sites, having better content a greater chance to gain visibility, and ranking over sites that have ‘not so great content’, but do a better job with SEO.

So what does this mean for Website Owners??

  1. The Google Bot is getting a lot smarter and  is gonna soon weed out sites which throw too many keywords on the page, or for example exchange way too many links, or in short do not follow Google’s webmasters rules that have been laid out for them.
  1. Richer Content should definitely be on your Agenda: Time and again Google has stressed on the importance of having rich content for better ranking. Fresh, informative and original content is your ticket to better rankings, increased traffic and long-term online relevancy. By adding relevant content to your online presence, you’ll create a rich internet landing platform and also get noticed by search engines and visitors.
  1. Revamp your system: Ethical SEO practices don’t have to be a mystery. If you want to enhance positioning of your online business, your site would need good, clean and relevant content, quality links from popular websites, and targeted keywords which are judiciously used. If you are ‘over-SEOed’ in any way, get time is to get your site revamped.

For all we know, SEOs do face the same challenge as faced by brand managers. “Doing the right thing” does require the client and the webmaster to adopt a long-term perspective. And that’s what Google is set out to achieve.

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Inspire to Inspire your Customers

Written by Amit pankaj
on July 31, 2012

With over a million websites operating today, what makes your website different? How do you stand out amongst your competitors?

The technique is to inspire and connect with your users.

At Ismoip, we believe that creativity and innovation is the key to bridge that connect.

Simon Sinek, a renowned leadership expert in one of his sessions said, “All great and inspiring leaders and organizations – whether it is Apple or King Martin Luther or Wright brothers – all think, communicate and act the same way. And it’s the complete opposite to everyone else.”


For instance, Apple believes in challenging the status quo by making products that are beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly. But they also inspire us with their passion to roll out with the most innovative products for their customers; Of course they happen to make great computers as well, but their ability to inspire others through their products is what distinguishes them from the rest.

In a similar fashion to attract and retain your customers’ attention on your website, you need to inspire them with an interesting landing page. A complete idea or amalgamation of multiple elements of the site, each has a distinct identity and function that can impact on how your visitor relates to you.

Attractive Headers

Attractive headers are the first thing that comes to your visitors notice. A unique choice of artistic and creative headers will not only capture visitor’s attention but will also impact what you’re trying to achieve. The focus here is not on call-to-action features, rather the motive is to intrigue the visitors and get them to read further. In addition, interactive features such as Carousels can help offer more information in a slide show format on the website.

Highlighting Relevant Sections

Highlighting relevant sections of your services or products on the homepage is another way to entice your visitors. With use of strong colors, call-out boxes, illustrated characters and portfolio screenshots, infographics, all that can talk to your customers.

Social Media Integration

With the exponential growth of users on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on, more and more organizations prefer to have social media connectivity integrated on their websites. Designing websites that help visitors connect easily with the organization’s social media initiatives also gives them the power to promote your organization using social media to the outside world.

People like to do business with those who can connect and understand their audience and at Ismoip, we deliver your beliefs through design. So it’s not actually just the website design, we also believe in helping our customers define their approach and offerings in a way that it not only highlights the purpose, belief and cause of the organization, but also rather why the organization exists and what makes it unique.

Simon Sinek in his best seller book “Start With Why” said, “People don’t buy what you do; people buy WHY you do it.” And we can help you identify, understand and execute the WHY element in your product.

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How to Effectively Convert those SEO leads into Sales

Written by Amit pankaj
on July 9, 2012

The key endeavour of any online business is to increase its revenue– by generating more sales leads through its internet marketing efforts. But what happens, when the smart entrepreneur isn’t managing its sales leads well – you’re probably letting good prospects slip through the net.

In our vast experience of managing SEO, we probably generate 1000s of qualified leads every month for our customers. But most recently, this significant question cropped up during a discussion with one of our clients.

How to effectively convert these SEO leads into sales?

Going by the culture of transparency, and our own experience, we subsequently deliberated on writing a blog on this topic 🙂

Firstly we need to understand that prospect leads can originate in a variety of ways, be it referrals, advertisements, paid or organic leads – and there is often only a loose structure in place to manage and react to those leads. Your sales pipeline and your ability to hit revenue targets all begin with good lead management.  Based on our observation, of what makes sales people successful, here are few techniques that can truly drive effectiveness into your sales campaign.

1.   Focus on Value, not Products

Depending on the products and services you offer, most people are probably not ready to buy based on their first interaction with you. Best practice calls on to focus on the value that your products and services add to the customer, not on product or service features. Of course, a thorough understanding of your company and products is necessary, but you can do well if you apply that knowledge to the customer’s specific issues and problems.

What’s Wrong?

  • When you tend to do more ‘product push’.
  • When you rely heavily on brochures and marketing materials.

What’s Better?

  • Focus on value, instead of the product
  • Use the knowledge of the customer to frame value propositions.

This technique can be taught through examples such as role play. It also requires intensive training to ‘unlearn’ bad habits.

2. Make Moderate Use of Examples examples


You need to use only relevant – and moderate number of anecdotes and examples drawn from other customers. This is also referred as an inverted ‘U’ shape to success.

What’s Wrong?

  • Low use of examples is linked to poorer sales meeting outcomes, presumably because customers like to hear some real-world application.
  • High usage of stories and examples — on the other hand, can bore the customer.

Unlearning this behaviour will require either some training for the sales person in alternative techniques and/ or intensive coaching from the sales manager.

3. Develop a Clear Meeting Agenda

You need to develop campaigns that allow you to touch your prospects multiple times so you can move them through the sales cycle until they’re ready to think about actually purchasing from you.  In fact, research clearly shows that more successful sales people plan ahead, develop a clear meeting agenda, and have defined objectives and strategies for the meeting — especially for any negotiation that may take place.

What’s Wrong ?

  • You are just happy to go into a sales meeting and just ‘wing it’.
  • Your idea of preparation for a sales meet consists of a 15 minute team briefing in the customer’s car park, before you head for the meeting.
  • Sometimes you pull a terrific sale, while in the next you miss a sure-fire certainty.

Top sales teams rehearse their sales meetings and role-play various scenarios. Where sales managers see these symptoms, they should ask to see the meeting agenda well beforehand and insist that important sales meetings are rehearsed repeatedly.

4. Respond flexibly and Manage objections

Capable sales people are indeed good at overcoming customer objectives, but sometimes the objections can creep due to their own making – when much of the ‘hard sell’ steals into their sales meetings. The message is that sales people always need to reflect on their practice in meetings, to make sure that they are dealing effectively with their customers. Sales managers need to check up on their good sales people from time to time, observing them in the sales meeting and, if necessary, coaching them afterwards.

Depending on what the issue are, after all those SEO efforts, sales coaching might be required before the meeting (if the desired change is to improve sales meeting planning) or after the meeting (if the desired aim is to improve flexibility and objection handling). So the timing of coaching, as well as its content, needs to be taken into consideration.

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Customer Engagement: A Priority for Success

Written by Pooja Mehra
on May 31, 2012

With greater access to information, more sensitivity to price, and a by the shrug manner to advertising, today’s customers are harder to win and keep. The key to acquiring and retaining customers in this environment is to engage them – to participate in an ongoing, two way conversation that creates for the customers —

  1. A deep emotional connection with the brand.
  2. High Levels of active participation
  3. A long-term relationship.

It is an accepted belief that the real difference in customer behaviour – and profitability – comes from customers who are both rationally satisfied and emotionally connected to your brand.

Behavioural psychologists have long argued that only 30% of human decision and behaviours are actually driven by rational consideration. This means that more than 70% of consumer loyalty and spending decisions are based on emotional factors.

The emotional connection is what customer engagement is all about.

Emotional Connection = Engagement

World’s leading organizations understand one simple fact and that is: organizations that engage their customers outperform those that do not.

So when you consider the premium that fully engaged customers are worth to your organization, a focus on increasing this ratio is a critical part of any growth strategy.

What Steps can your organization take to engage its customers?

To find out, Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of more than 200 business decision-makers – including customer service, support, and marketing professionals on their customer engagement efforts. And we found that engaging customers requires a year-round focus on changing organizational behaviours, processes, and systems to anticipate and respond to your customers’ needs. From the leadership team to the frontline employees, all levels within an organization must commit to making these changes.

  • Engagement Activities Must Span all Channels – Of course, the web might be more ubiquitous, addressable, and measurable, but physical locations and interpersonal interactions still matter. The primary customer engagement programs should involve both offline and online touch points.

  • Online Engagement Programs are bound to Grow – As companies plan to add technologies such as online customer reviews, mobile web sites, and user-generated content to their portfolios over the coming time, it is of no surprise that such tools offer customers a new way to engage with brands. And when implemented properly, this type of technology also provides a reason for customers to return to a website again and again.

  • Honouring Emotional Attachment – Customers are not strictly rational; and the most profitable customer has strong emotional bonds with your organization. Those bonds must be honoured and strengthened.
  • Brand Alignment – No organization has a single unified “brand”. There are as many ‘brands’ as there are customer touch points. All must be measured, reviewed and managed.

Instead of focusing on lagging indicators such as stock price, earnings per share, profit, and growth, organizations which concentrate on measuring and managing behavioural metrics lead in their story of organic growth. By individualizing their approach and working with human nature, they unlock their maximum potential and profitability.

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Best iPhone Apps & Cool iPhone Apps for Business Reviews

Written by Harman Bajwa
on May 8, 2012

They are slim and light creatures. They wow buyers. They come with big images, high-definition screens and a plethora of cool apps that add great fanfare to an already fine product.

This gadget is a Zen thing; an escape. Invested heavily into the best apps & music you can find, it’s the world you’ll find awfully difficult to leave. Yes we’re talking about the smart-est iPhone and its coolest apps.

Here’s a preview on some of the Best and Cool iPhone apps that keep your smartphone alive and in the mix.

The Best iPhone App


Visiting a new city without a clue as to where to eat? No worries. Just fire up your handy Yelp app, which locates all the nearby eateries, then browse by proximity, neighbourhood, price or what’s open now.

You also get rave recommendations and other customer reviews, so you can avoid any clunkers.

Not hungry? Then hop on to check out a whole host of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, gas stations and drugstores.

The Cool iPhone App


The newest coolest app in town, Namkis helps you discover the ‘great’ and the ‘not so great’ customer businesses or products around the world.

It’s popular ‘Smile’ and ‘Scowl’ feature lets you put an easy tick or a cross on your consumer experiences.

Happy with food in a restaurant – Smile at it, and add in a review. Not happy with customer service at the road end drugstore, scowl on it.

Sharing consumer experiences was never so easy and fun! Indeed.

The Best iPhone App


Ah, the commuter’s dilemma: subway, bus, or cab? HotStop makes the choice easy.

Just enter your starting and ending addresses and the app gives you detailed directions of how to get there via public transportation.

Rainy day? Taxi mode will estimate the time and cost of taking a cab, and give you information about nearby cab companies.

The Cool iPhone App


Urbanspoon provides you with many local options when choosing a restaurant for dinner. After using the phone’s GPS to detect restaurants in the area, Urbanspoon presents you with a slot machine-like listing of cuisine types and price. Not happy with the offering, give your phone a hard shake.

The Best iPhone App


Stamped, is an app where you can share everything you love and hate with friends.

Users can easily scroll through friends’ reviews and then take action.

The Cool iPhone App

Tiny Review

Tiny Review allows you to snap, share and express your emotions through a picture. You do all this in a simple way, with one photo and three lines, where you combine words and images to make it more expressive and attractive.

The Best iPhone App


The Tello app lets consumers rate the local businesses they deal with.

You give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, plus a brief comment. It also lets you rate individual employees at a business, letting you alert folks about staffers who are uncommonly good or unacceptably bad.

The Cool iPhone App

Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. It’s the leading app for finding and rating dishes, not just restaurants. A feedback-based recommendation engine pairs with heavier social media integration to help make deciding what to order a much simpler task.

All these apps for iPhone are available for free in the iTunes App Store.

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